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    Get The Perfect Pickup Truck: Used Ford F-350 For Sale

    Max AutoSports has a Used Ford F-350 for sale if you wish to get a high-quality pickup truck capable of completing any task. Because of its robust construction, this truck is an excellent option for those who regularly transport large cargo or travel through rough terrain. We are highly committed to providing everyone who visits us with exceptional value, and the Ford F-350 is no exception. This work truck has a robust engine that generates a lot of torque and horsepower, making it an excellent option for any construction site. The F-350’s roomy cabin makes it a great choice for spending time on lengthy drives or regular commutes.

    Detailed Description Of The Ford F-350, Including Its Specs And Features

    The used Ford F-350 is one of the most impressive full-size heavy-duty pickup trucks on the market today. With its outstanding performance and myriad features, it is the perfect choice for everyone. Here is a detailed description of the model, including its specs and features:

    Engine Options

    The Ford F-350 offers its drivers two impressive engine options, each capable of delivering the power and performance necessary for even the most demanding jobs. The base model comes equipped with a 6.2-liter Flex-Fuel V8 engine that produces 385 horsepower and 430 pound-feet of torque. This engine offers a maximum towing capacity of up to 18,000 pounds, ensuring that you can haul even the heaviest loads with ease. Additionally, it features a TorqShift-G six-speed automatic transmission that allows for shifting that is both smooth and responsive. This transmission is included as standard equipment.

    Payload Capacity

    The Ford F-350 is a tough pickup truck that excels in towing and payload capabilities. Its standard 6.2-liter Flex-Fuel V8 engine can tow up to 18,000 pounds with ease, making it perfect for hauling large cargo or equipment. In addition, the F-350 offers impressive payload capacity, with a maximum payload of over 7,000 pounds, ensuring that you can carry even the heaviest loads.

    But the F-350’s towing and payload capabilities are not just about brute strength; it also offers a range of features that make towing and hauling easier and safer. For instance, it comes equipped with a trailer sway control system that detects the swaying of the trailer and applies the brakes to correct it.

    Interior Features

    The Ford F-350’s impressive features go beyond its outstanding towing and payload capabilities. Its spacious and comfortable interior is designed to accommodate the needs of its driver and passengers. With its ergonomic and intuitive design, the F-350 offers a smooth and enjoyable driving experience.

    The cabin is designed with high-quality materials that provide both durability and comfort. The seats are made with premium leather upholstery that offers a luxurious feel and long-lasting quality. The seats are also highly adjustable, allowing drivers and passengers to personalize their seating positions and find their perfect level of comfort.

    • Its SYNC 3 infotainment system is highly user-friendly.
    • The 8-inch touchscreen display offers high-quality graphics.
    • A dual-zone automatic climate control system.
    • Keyless entry and ignition.
    • A rearview camera with park assist.

    Safety Features

    The Ford F-350 is equipped with a range of advanced safety features that provide an extra layer of protection on the road.

    • A rearview camera and park assist.
    • Adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping alert system.
    • Forward collision warning system and automatic emergency braking.

    The F-350 also offers blind spot monitoring and cross-traffic alert systems for added visibility when changing lanes or reversing out of tight spaces.

    Off-Road Capabilities

    The Ford F-350 is not just a heavy-duty pickup truck that excels in towing and payload capabilities but also an off-road powerhouse that can navigate any terrain with confidence. Its advanced off-road capabilities make it the perfect choice for adventurous souls who love to explore the great outdoors.

    The F-350 can handle even the most challenging off-road conditions thanks to its rugged construction and innovative features. It boasts a high ground clearance of up to 8.5 inches, allowing it to easily navigate rocky, uneven terrain.

    Various Features That Make A Used Ford F-350 An Attractive Purchase For Professionals And Recreational Drivers Alike 

    Trailer Sway Control System

    One such feature is the Trailer Sway Control system, which detects trailer swaying and applies the brakes to correct it. This feature ensures a smooth and stable towing experience, especially when navigating winding or hilly terrain. The F-350’s interior is also designed with comfort in mind. The cabin is spacious and equipped with high-quality materials, including premium leather upholstery, ensuring durability and comfort.

    SYNC 3 Infotainment System 

    The F-350’s SYNC 3 infotainment system is highly intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to access and operate while on the road. The 8-inch touchscreen display offers high-quality graphics, and the dual-zone automatic climate control system ensures that both the driver and passengers are comfortable no matter the temperature outside. Additionally, the F-350 features keyless entry and ignition, making it easy to start and go.

    Towing And Hauling Capability

    The Ford F-350 is an exceptional choice for both professionals and recreational drivers alike. This heavy-duty pickup truck boasts outstanding towing and payload capabilities with a maximum payload of over 7,000 pounds, making it perfect for hauling even the heaviest loads. However, the F-350’s capabilities go beyond just brute strength. It also has an array of features that make towing and hauling more manageable and safer.

    Advanced Technology

    The F-350’s advanced technology also plays a significant role in ensuring convenience for drivers and passengers alike. For instance, it comes with a SYNC 3 infotainment system that offers an intuitive interface and can connect to various devices, allowing occupants to enjoy their favorite music and films. The technology also responds to voice commands, so you can make changes without taking your hands off the wheel.

    Different Trim Levels Available With A Used Ford F-350

    The Ford F-350 is available in multiple trim levels to suit various needs and preferences. 

    Let’s check out the various trim levels available.


    The Ford F-350 XL is the base model of this heavy-duty pickup truck, yet it still offers extraordinary features that make it a fantastic option for those who prioritize functionality over luxury. The XL is designed to provide drivers with a comfortable and capable ride, even on the toughest jobs.


    When it comes to the different trim levels available for the Ford F-350, the XLT is a step up from the XL and offers a range of additional features to enhance both comfort and convenience. One of the most notable upgrades is the larger 8.0-inch infotainment display, which provides an even more intuitive and user-friendly interface for drivers and passengers alike.


    The F-350 Lariat takes luxury to the next level with its premium features and top-of-the-line design. This heavy-duty pickup truck is perfect for those who demand the best, as it offers unparalleled comfort, convenience, and style.

    One of the standout and amazing specs of the Ford F-350 Lariat is its leather upholstery, which adds more sophistication to the interior. The seats are not only luxurious, but they’re also heated and ventilated, ensuring that passengers stay comfortable no matter the weather.

    King Ranch

    The Ford F-350 King Ranch is the pinnacle of luxury and performance when it comes to heavy-duty pickup trucks. This trim level offers a range of premium features and top-of-the-line design elements that make it stand out from the rest.

    King Ranch is distinctive and stylish in its exterior, which is adorned with bold accents and unique badging. This truck is all about making a statement, and it does so with its bold and rugged design.


    The Ford F-350 Platinum is the most luxurious and high-end trim level available for this heavy-duty pickup truck. It shows an impressive array of features that make it perfect for the discerning driver who demands the ultimate in style, comfort, and performance.

    Its massaging front seats provide unparalleled comfort and relaxation on long trips. The seats are impeccably designed, upholstered in high-quality leather, and feature a range of adjustment options that allow drivers and passengers to customize their seating position to their liking.


    The Ford F-350 Limited is the cream of the crop when it comes to heavy-duty pickup trucks. As a special edition model, it shares many of the same premium features as the Platinum but takes them to the next level with even more unique exterior and interior styling elements.

    On the outside, the F-350 Limited is a true head-turner with its exclusive Shadow Black paint job, distinctive grille design, and special Limited badging. The Limited’s impressive style extends to its 20-inch polished aluminum wheels, power-deployable running boards, and unique quad-beam LED headlights that offer exceptional visibility in any weather condition.

    Reasons To Choose A UsedF-350 Over Other Similar Models  

    As pickups have become increasingly popular and sought after, some drivers may be considering going the used route with their trucks. While there are certainly plenty of used pickup trucks available on the market, there are a few reasons why a Used Ford F-350 stands out from the crowd. Below are the pros and cons of purchasing a used Ford F-350.

    Lower Cost

    Purchasing a new pickup truck can be expensive and out of reach for many drivers. The Ford F-350 is a great, if not the only, choice for buying an economical yet reliable vehicle. A used F-350 can provide all the features and performance you need at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one. Plus, with its legendary durability, you know your investment will last for years.


    As with any vehicle, the Ford F-350 experiences its greatest depreciation in the first few years. However, by purchasing a used model, you can avoid this initial depreciation hit and still enjoy all of the performance and features that make the F-350 such a great choice for heavy-duty pickup truck enthusiasts.

    It’s important to note that the Ford F-350 is a highly sought-after vehicle, and as such, it tends to hold its value quite well over time. This means that even a used F-350 can be a valuable investment, providing reliable performance and exceptional durability for years to come.

    Known Issues

    If you’re considering purchasing a used Ford F-350, it’s important to be aware of any known issues that may exist. One common problem with older F-350s is the turbocharger, which can become defective over time and require replacement. Some older models may experience transmission issues, which can include slipping or shifting problems.


    If you have previously owned an F-350, purchasing a used model will bring a sense of familiarity, making it easier for you to adjust and navigate. The F-350 has a reputation for being robust, making it a reliable choice for those in need of a heavy-duty pickup truck. It is one of the most capable vehicles in its category because of its towing capacity of up to 20,000 pounds, which puts it in the top spot.

    Risk Of Mechanical Issues

    As with any used vehicle, there is a risk of hidden mechanical issues that may not be immediately apparent when considering the purchase of a used Ford F-350. While it is true that the F-350 is a reliable and durable heavy-duty pickup truck, it is essential to be aware of the possibility that some known problems will manifest themselves throughout the course of time.

    Limited Warranty Coverage

    Unlike a new Ford F-350, which may come with comprehensive warranty coverage, a used model will have limited or no warranty coverage. As a result, if any mechanical or electrical issues arise, the repair costs may be higher than anticipated. However, the Ford F-350’s reputation for durability and reliability may provide some peace of mind when considering a used model.

    Unknown History

    When it comes to buying a pre-owned Ford F-350, one potential concern is the unknown history of the vehicle. It can be difficult to determine how the previous owner used and maintained the truck, as well as any accidents it may have been involved in. This lack of information could lead to potential issues down the road. To mitigate this risk, it’s important to do your due diligence before purchasing a used F-350.

    Limited Availability

    One potential challenge you may face is limited availability. Depending on the year, make, and model you’re looking for, finding the exact truck you want may be difficult. This is because the F-350 is a highly sought-after vehicle known for its durability and impressive performance capabilities. However, despite this challenge, it’s still possible to find a used F-350 that meets your needs and budget.

    Find Your Dream Used Ford F-350 At Max Autosports

    Looking for the perfect used Ford F-350 for your needs? Look no further than Max Autosports. We offer a wide selection of reliable and high-quality used Ford F-350 trucks at competitive prices. But before you jump in and make a purchase, there are some crucial things to keep in mind. At Max Autosports, we understand the importance of finding the perfect truck for your lifestyle and budget. That’s why we offer a large inventory of high-quality used Ford F-350 trucks, each thoroughly inspected. Contact us today to find your dream used Ford F-350.


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