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    Why Select Tesla Spokane And The Available Models

    Max AutoSports Spokane is quickly becoming a popular destination for people looking to buy electric cars. The dealership offers an impressive selection of Tesla models, and its experienced staff gives you all the information about the vehicles and their features. Plus, we regularly host events where you can test drive different models and learn more about electric cars. So if you’re considering buying a Tesla, check out the inventory!

    Tesla Vehicle History

    The Tesla brand has a relatively short but impressive history. Founded in 2003 by a group of Silicon Valley engineers, the company’s first car, the Roadster, was released in 2008. Known for its sleek design and innovative technology, Tesla quickly gained a devoted following. The brand continued to release new models, including the Model S sedan, the Model X SUV, and the Model 3, designed to be more affordable for a broader range of consumers.

    Why Choose Tesla

    There are many reasons to choose Tesla for your automotive needs. With its state-of-the-art technology, advanced performance specs, and extensive network of charging stations, Tesla has set itself apart from the competition. 

    Let’s see a few of the top reasons to choose this innovative company for your next vehicle purchase:

    No Fuel

    With Tesla vehicles, you don’t have to worry about gas shortages or having to hunt down a station. Even longer journeys or cross-country trips are simple and convenient, thanks to Tesla’s network of charging stations that can be found across the country.

    Excessive Torque

    Unlike traditional gas-powered vehicles, which depend on their internal combustion engines for power, Tesla vehicles use electric motors with massive amounts of torque right off the line. As a result, you get unparalleled control and performance.

    Advanced Technology

    From its cutting-edge self-driving features to its highly responsive touchscreen interface, blind spot monitor, and adaptive cruise control, Tesla vehicles are designed with advanced technology at every turn. So whether using them in daily city driving or long road trips, they give you unprecedented levels of convenience and comfort.

    Network Of Charging Stations

    Tesla’s extensive network of charging stations, known as the Supercharger network, makes it easy to charge your vehicle while on the go. With over 1,200 Supercharger stations worldwide and more constantly being added, Tesla owners can have peace of mind when traveling long distances.

    Environmentally Friendly

    Electric vehicles have a significantly lower carbon footprint than gas-powered cars, making them a more eco-friendly option. Tesla vehicles also have the opportunity for renewable energy sources, such as solar power, to charge their batteries.

    Low Maintenance

    Since there are far fewer moving parts in a Tesla vehicle compared to a standard gas-powered car, maintenance is much less time-consuming and overall more manageable than in classic cars. This means more time on the road and less time spent waiting in the shop!


    Not only do Tesla vehicles offer top-of-the-line technology and performance, but they also come with a sleek, modern design that exudes luxury. From the smooth exterior to the luxurious interior amenities, Tesla cars are just as stylish as they are functional.


    Tesla vehicles have several advanced safety features, such as multi-zone climate control, automatic emergency braking, and side collision avoidance. The brand also has a strong track record for safety, with its Model S receiving the highest rating in every category of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s crash tests.

    Tesla Car Models

    As the business, its goods, and public acceptability grew, it expanded into larger, more competitive markets at lower good price points to appeal to consumers who wanted a high-end car’s efficiency while protecting the environment.

    Tesla Model S

    The Tesla Model S is a state-of-the-art car with an electric engine and a range of up to 370 miles. It boasts quick acceleration and advanced technology, including a touchscreen dashboard, heated steering wheel, and autopilot features. Highly advanced park assist system to help you easily navigate any parking spot. This vehicle’s incredible handling and rear-wheel drive provide an unmatched driving experience, while its clean, polished lines and elegant white finish give it an undeniably sophisticated appearance.

    This Tesla is powered with brake assist and anti-lock brakes for added safety. Its advanced cruise control system lets you set your speed quickly, and its driver seat lumbar support can help reduce lower back pain.

    Tesla Model 3

    The Tesla Model 3 is a highly advanced electric vehicle with cutting-edge technology and powerful specs to ensure driver safety and a smooth, comfortable ride. With 360-degree cameras providing visibility at up to 250 meters, the Model 3 is designed to help you navigate busy roads and avoid potential collisions. In addition, the Tesla Vision feature uses sophisticated visual processing capabilities to detect other cars nearby and assist with parking in tight spots or tricky maneuvers.

    Additionally, this vehicle boasts two powerful motors for all-wheel drive capability, so you can safely maneuver challenging terrain or speed down the highway. Whether you’re looking for performance or range, the Model 3 has a long-lasting battery and rapid acceleration of 0-60 mph in just 3.1 seconds. This model gives you impressive speed and power without sacrificing efficiency.

    Tesla Model X

    It is an advanced electric vehicle designed for performance and efficiency. This vehicle delivers power and speed with a front and rear high-efficiency engine, a 100kWh battery, and a one-speed automatic transmission. It also has several other features that set it apart from other vehicles, including a 9.73 axle ratio, standard suspension, GVWR of 6658 lbs., and an anti-roll system both front and rear. Additionally, the Model X is equipped with numerous convenience features, including LED headlights, fog lights, a towing package, oversized premium wheels ranging from 20″ to over, and dual-power heated seats made with leather.

    Tesla Model Y

    The Tesla Model Y is a versatile and powerful vehicle that boasts a long-range, up to 3.5 seconds acceleration, dual motor all-wheel drive, and leather seats for up to 5 passengers. Its large wheels and low center of gravity ensure excellent handling, while features like its 15-inch touchscreen interface and autopilot mode help to make driving more accessible and intuitive than ever before. So whether you’re seeking a vehicle that excels on the road or wants to add an upgrade to your fleet, the Tesla Model Y has everything you need and more.

    Max AutoSports Is The Place To Go For Your Next Vehicle Purchase


    If you’re looking for a Tesla, Max Auto Sports has a variety of models and trim levels to choose from. We carry the latest and most advanced Tesla models, so you can enjoy superior performance and efficiency while protecting the environment. There are reasons to choose us,

    Cars Of Outstanding Quality

    We offer excellent quality vehicles produced by the industry’s top manufacturers. So whether you’re looking for an exotic sports car or a more practical family vehicle, you can rest assured that our selection will meet and exceed your expectations regarding style and performance. In addition, you’ll get updated with recent price drops to get a fair price.

    Service And Maintenance

    We also provide exceptional service and maintenance to keep your new vehicle running smoothly. Our team of trained technicians knows how to take care of even the most advanced features on today’s vehicles, so your car can be well taken care of at all times.

    Financing Options

    A wide range of financing options is available to make purchasing one of our vehicles affordable for any budget. From special promotions on select models to personal loans that work with various credit scores, there is something for everyone at Max AutoSports.

    Stay Out Of Legal Troubles

    Choosing Max AutoSports can help you avoid legal troubles regarding car ownership. We go above and beyond industry standards regarding vehicle inspections and certifications. Hence, you know that the vehicle you purchase from us is safe and reliable. Plus, with free roadside assistance included with every new car purchase, there’s no need to worry about breakdowns anymore.


    We also offer warranty coverage on all our new vehicles, giving you added peace of mind and protection against unexpected repair expenses. With Max AutoSports, you can drive confidently, knowing that we always have your back.

    Great Reputation

    Our reputation is built upon providing excellent customer service and high-quality vehicles. As a result, our customers consistently leave satisfied with their purchase and often come back to us for future vehicle needs.

    Friendly Staff

    Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to work with the customers. We want you to have a positive car buying experience and be happy with your new vehicle.

    Final Thoughts

    If you’re looking for the best Tesla models and want to purchase from a certified dealer, Max AutoSports is your dealership. With a wide selection of models in stock and experienced staff to walk you through your options, we make it easy to find the perfect Tesla for your needs. So contact the dealer easily for sale in Spokane, WA, and take advantage of our special great price offers.


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